For the Fellas: V-Day

This post comes from guest blogger Dan Cleveland, who is a senior at the University of Dayton studying journalism and Spanish. He serves as Assistant Opinions Editor for the school’s student-run newspaper, Flyer News, and also blogs for live local music resource He’s a fan of fast cars and rock ‘n’ roll (especially Ty Segall).


It’s Valentine’s Day, and fellas all over the world are rolling their eyes in disgust.

To the average man, this day represents the occasion for a woman to force him into an earlier and stronger romantic commitment than he might like, while his pocketbook simultaneously suffers the consequences. So even for a total gentleman, it’s not uncommon to feel a deep, pit-of-your-stomach kind of hatred for this day, which in turn makes men look like selfish jerks.

So what’s the cure for this maudlin mouse trap?

Well, the answer to that question depends pretty heavily on your situation, but there are ways to work the system in your favor:

If you’re sweet on some sweetie …

… but aren’t ready for the real-deal relationship, help ease the pressure of V-day by setting the tone of your time together. If you want to take her out on a low-key date, make clear your intentions to keep the plans casual. Be playful, not immature, and don’t let your valentine think your motivation is laziness or dullness. Put little to no thought into a kiddy Valentine’s Day card, but follow it up with a bouquet of flowers. Let her know you are enjoying the chance to spend time with her, but don’t get all emotional. If you’re successful, she won’t be waiting for you to profess your deepest feelings to her because she’s too distracted by the fact that you’re showing her a great time.

If you’re the type who’s in a committed relationship with your hunny bunny

The answer is simple: Be spontaneous! Surprise her, do something you’ve never done before, drive out of your hometown and give her fake clues about where you’re going. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money – just shake things up. Pick a location at random, go about your night without having any specific plans and try not to make it seem like you had to try to be impulsive. If you keep the mood adventurous enough, you might totally surprise her and show her a side of you she may not have known before.

As for you single, no-prospects-on-the-horizon-havin’ fellas

You are the ones who get to have the real fun, because you have the opportunity to totally make some girl’s day without any annoying strings attached. Here’s the trick: Go about your normal daily routine and make sure you’re nice and spiffed-up – shave the scruff, change the shirt, wash the hair. Bonus points if you throw on a suit. Buy a couple of roses or a box of candy hearts and write something simple, like, “Be my valentine?” on the card. If there’s a particularly charming or attractive woman you encounter in your daily routine, or if you just happen to bump into a cutie, you’ve got your target. Be prepared to deliver your valentine at a moment’s notice, since you might find a target anywhere, and take extra precaution to ensure you don’t accidently provoke anger from a boyfriend or husband. When performed properly, you’ll be that mysterious macho man that all girls secretly dream about, and you’ll have effectively cured the Valentine’s Day Blues for at least two people. Sure, you could sit at home and mope on your couch, but why not have a little fun?

Valentine’s Day is kind of a silly holiday in the first place, but if we gents try to keep it breezy, we can make the day more tolerable for everyone.

(image via The Chive)

Eat as much as you want of whatever you want and work out a lot

That’s been my diet/fitness mantra for the last couple years, and things are going swimmingly.

But the foods I want to consume in mass quantities tend to be almonds, dried fruit, cereal and the like. I’ve been known to go on whole grain toast binges. Slap some peanut butter on a sliced apple after a lift session and I’ll be there like Tupperware. Healthy little Seetha, five small meals a day, Pilates and squats and planks and OH MY GOD I LOVE COOKIES. I need them in my life, I simply require a box at home at all times, Marie tea biscuits at the very least. I will never feel guilty about scarfing down five baked confections in a matter of minutes. They make my insides sing.

As such, my heart basically stopped when I first saw a photo of an Oreo baked inside a chocolate chip cookie (this is why I consciously limit the time I spend on Pinterest). Seriously, game-changer. Game over. I can’t even.

I tracked down Picky Palate’s original recipe and it yielded exactly what I expected – gigantic, flavorgasmic wads of sweetness:


Making a few modifications to tone down the supreme sugariness created rich cookies that didn’t feel too sinful. If you’d like to follow suit, use half the listed amount of granulated sugar, swap plain chocolate chips for mint chocolate chips, and go for the reduced fat Oreos instead of Double Stuf. Four friends gave these chunkers rave reviews after receiving them in the mail last week.

I also tried these soft-baked white chocolate chip cranberry cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction:


They were yumtastic as well, although I’d suggest going against Sally’s advice and giving them an extra minute or two in the oven. The cranberry/white chocolate combo is a classic, but they turned out a leeeetle too soft for my taste. If you’re into eating straight up cookie dough, however, stick to the script.

And, just because I’ve been slow on the posts since starting a new job (!!!) in January, here’s an update on my life through muploadz:

My dog being obscene and precious at 7 a.m.
I stopped by Cafe Delhi in Carnegie hoping to meet the owner, but only this guy was there
And then there was this license plate
And then Liz visited for the weekend! We had a slammin’ four-course meal at Bonefish Grill yesterday starting with red wine and fresh bread with pesto, followed by ahi tuna sashimi, crab cakes, the signature Bang Bang Shrimp, a salmon salad and I honestly can’t even remember what for dessert. All I know is that it was all excellent – quite possibly the best chain restaurant I’ve ever been to. Of course, the company made it even better.
I scored this reversible faux fur vest at MoZaic Boutique and the skirt and leggings from newly-open Coco 66. Shoutout to Nancy and Miranda for ultra-fab selections and wonderful shopping experiences! You bet I’ll be back (with more friends from out of town).

This post is strange and disorganized but life has been quite the opposite lately. I have a couple stories brewing in my cranium and can’t wait to carve out some time this week to write them out! Things are exciting in 2013.

#thedailyjam: “Half Full Glass of Wine”

This post comes from guest blogger Dan Cleveland, who is a senior at the University of Dayton studying journalism and Spanish. He serves as Assistant Opinions Editor for the school’s student-run newspaper, Flyer News, and also blogs for live local music resource He’s a fan of fast cars and rock ‘n’ roll (especially Ty Segall).


It’s hard to be productive when you’ve got time off from work or school in the dead of winter. Well, I’ve had a nice, long vacation and downloaded a bunch of overdue music, so it’s about damn time we’ve had a good Daily Jam post.

One of the bands I’ve been most excited about lately is Tame Impala. I heard about these Aussies early in January from a buddy back home. He showed me a song from their latest record called “Elephant,” and I was hooked.

I’ve put some serious time lately into listening to their music, and Seetha has consequently had to endure my, “How great are they?!” text messages on a regular basis. I don’t know if it’s frontman Kevin Parker’s John Lennon-esque vocals or the band’s collectively bad-ass presence, but I just can’t get over these guys.

#TheDailyJam today is a song off their debut, self-titled EP from 2008. It’s called “Half Full Glass of Wine,” and it bites hard. Check it out:

Tame Impala – “Half Full Glass of Wine”

You said you wouldn’t be home late tonight
I gave up waiting at seventeen past midnight
Now my only company’s a half full glass of wine
You leave me no choice but to plot my revenge

This song embodies everything groovy about music. It’s got a truly “cooler than you” feel to it. I can’t even describe it without overplaying hyphens.

The first 17-odd seconds of the song boast a spirited, hi-hat-heavy build-up. But, oh, how misleading those seconds are; because roughly 18 seconds into the song, the hi-hat slows, the deep bass notes chime in, and a drop-to-end-all-moronic-dubstep-drops suddenly manifests to lull your body into a groove-infused metaphorical massage chair.

The rest of the song is characterized by a thick, march-along beat, that’s mostly composed of two notes and flows effortlessly out of any speaker set. The chorus and bridges are full of loud, crashing symbols and spacey vocals, and the song finishes with note-bending guitar screams and a thundering drum solo finale, which ends abruptly in a sloppy collapse as the drummer appears to simply give up.

As a song, “Half Full Glass of Wine” has got tremendous sex appeal. It’s the kind of song that makes you picture yourself cruisin’ around downtown wearin’ dark shades to block out the haters. Maybe that’s why it’s also such an incredible driving song.

Turn this song up if you want to embrace your inner awesome, but just be careful with the music video, it gets a little trippy.